Overview of Research Activities

LISS DTP +3 Studentship &             International Doctoral Scholarship Award as of 2022 

Arabic grammatical gender marking in recruitment: variation & effects on perception, gendered occupational expectations, and applicant employability.

Studies on languages with grammatical gender such as French, Spanish, and German have demonstrated that the default use of masculine gender (e.g., Spanish buenos amigos for a mixed gender group or French le maire for a female mayor) can lead to disproportionate representations in favour of men. This project extends this research area to a non-Western context—Egypt—in order to examine how Arabic grammatical gender usage affects social equity in gender representation in the Egyptian workplace.

Supervised by: Devyani Sharma, Linnaea Stockall, and Tessa Wright


Other Research

Exploring the Nonbinary (ENB) is an interdisciplinary reading group held at Queen Mary University of London and hosted by PhD students Robert James Hellyer (he/they) and Farida Soliman. 

The ENB reading group welcomes staff and postgraduate students of all levels and disciplines. Beginning predominantly with language-focussed discussions, the readings of this group will focus on broadly theorising beyond the gender binary, nonbinary language research, and developing inclusive research methods. The reading group seeks to develop collaborative reading lists and academic networks, encouraging further inquiries into this expanding field.